I was first interested in photography in order to cover the events of my son's birth. Soon, I was addicted to photography and began avidly studying every aspect of making a picture unforgettable. There are so many moments in life to capture. It can be captured in numerous ways and I hope to capture it in a creative, emotional and unforgettable way.

To understand photography and what a photographer can do for you is to first dismiss the idea that a photographer is just an operator of a camera. A good photographer is really a good creative artist. One that makes a picture, not just takes it. One that looks for the best angle, composition, emotions, and/or light to make that picture a piece of art.

Come join me in a collaboration of efforts to create a piece of art that will be remembered for a long time to come. I welcome you to take a little time to view my work done so far. There will be new postings coming so please stop by again soon.

If you want DVDs of a particular gallery, please email me.

Thanks for stopping by,